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Event Rules

It goes without saying that everyone is an adult, and the expectation is that all attendess will act as such. However, it's worth mentioning a few rules of the game. 

Be Kind. Everyone is on their own swinging journey. Our events are judgement free zones. 

Discretion is key. No one wants their private business spread around the local area.  What happens at the event stays at the event.


Consent and respect is expected at all times. Ask before joining in; don’t be afraid to say no and if you want a situation stopped just say so. We've all done it and there is never a problem. 

Safe Sex. We encourage safe sex at all times. A range of condoms and lubes are always provided at our parties. 

No drama. We've all had times where perhaps we've had a disagreement with our partner. If you're having a 'moment' feel free to head to a quiet area to work it out privately. If you're freaking out come and grab one of us – promise we've been there and are happy to help you work through any feelings you're having.

Don't get plastered. We may need a couple of drinks to loosen up, but a vomiting, unconscious party-goer is never a good look, at any type of party. Absolutely no drugs.

Treat the venue with respect. Remember we're guests at the venue and we really don't want to lose the bond or have the Police turn up due to noise. Please put condoms in bins, try not to spill the red wine and arrive/leave quietly out of respect for other guests.

Injury Liability. We are not a commercial enterprise, and these events are held on a no-liability basis. Like any private party, if you get injured you'll have to cover the costs yourself.  We don't make any money out of these events, simply cover our costs.

You're responsible. Each person is responsible for their own behaviour. We are a very good self-policing group and any deviations from the high standards of behaviour will result in your being removed from the event. 

Cancellations and Refunds. We don't generally offer refunds as it would leave us out of pocket. However, we recognise that life happens so if you have an unforeseen event happen please contact us and we'll see what we can do.

We're here to help! Remember, as your hosts we're here to help, make you feel at ease, and walk you through any fears or questions you may have!

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