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What to Expect

We recognise how nerve-wracking it can be taking the leap to meet others or attend your first party. This is what to expect at our events.

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What Can We Expect At A Meet & Greet?

Our meet and greets are held in sophisticated bars or clubs with groups of couples, females and select single males.  We ask for a classy dress code -  collared shirt / jacket for the guys and cocktail dress for the ladies. No t-shirt, high-vis or jeans. 

We select venues which have private social areas and allow you to purchase your own drinks. Mood lighting, good music with a sophisticated wine and cocktail list. 

We usually run an ice-breaker (which gets everyone talking) and where possible we'll also ensure there are give aways or prizes. 

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What Can We Expect At a Party?

Our parties are held with an average of  10-12 couples. Generally, you'll find a mix of experienced and new swingers at a party. 


Unless a theme party, dress is collared shirt for the guys and sexy/cocktail/swinger dress for the ladies. 

We start the evening with a few social drinks, subdued lighting and music, moving to some adult games and  compulsory dress down to lingerie.


People who can hold a conversation, dress nicely, shower regularly and have an adventurous attitude best describes the attendees. We aim to set a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere - with an adult undertone. It is a swinger gathering after all. We operate an open door policy at our parties, so if you prefer to play in private these may not be the events for you. 

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Single Ladies

Single ladies (aka Unicorns)  are always welcome at our events, and we aim to create a safe, welcoming environment for you. If you wish, by prior arrangement, you're welcome to bring a FWB. We're also very happy for you to come early to the venue so that you can meet us, relax and have a chat prior to other guests arriving. If you want we can pair you up with a previous attendee or couple and we'll periodically check in with you through the event. 

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